The 2018 course that was run in association with UCT on FOUNDATIONS OF MEDICO-LEGAL PRACTICE  is  no longer available online. The 10 workshops that followed the Foundations Course were presented for the final time in October 2021. The courses were designed in 2017 and 2018. The Workshops were based on up-to-the-minute data. SAMLA has a responsibility to present the latest information and so the Board has determined that we cannot continue to present the courses and workshops as they are in their current format or with their curent content.

The cost involved in updating the courses is enormous. SAMLA  functions on the goodwill and generosity of its members to create the courses, do the teaching, and much of the administration. We partnered with a company that ran the administrative aspects of the courses and workshops, which  naturally carried an enormous expense, and the association with UCT was expensive as well.  As a result,  SAMLA made  no money at all from the Courses. The many committed and dedicated people involved in the courses gave their time and knowledge and are thanked by SAMLA and its Members for a job magnificently done!

The Board decided that restructuring the National Courses is simply not viable at this time.

The Teaching and Learning Committee of SAMLA is actively looking at the presentation of courses in a new format. SAMLA is intent on continuing to present comprehensive courses in both foundational knowledge as well as more advanced knowledge. So watch this space!

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