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 Personal Details

Title Mrs
First Name Takkie     Send Email
Surname Pistorius
Gender Female
HPCSA Reg No OT 0032379
Nursing Council
Bar Council
Law Society

Membership Profile

Membership TypeMember with Registration as a Medico-Legal Practitioner
Date Joined2020-02-11
Available as an Expert Witness?Yes
Available as a Medico Legal Attorney?No
Available as an Medico Legal Advocate?No
Profile VisibilityPublic

Samla Verified Medical Mediator

Samla Verified Medical Mediator?No
Health Sector Commercial Mediator?No
Technical Medico-Legal Mediator (Personal Injury)?No
Technical Medico-Legal Mediator (Clinical Negligence)?No
Name of institution/s in which I was trained in mediation.
Name of authority that has (authorities that have) accredited me as a mediator.
I would like to be invited to observe Medical Mediations No
I am willing to provide my services free of charge for pilot projects No
My normal fees for mediation services per hour R0.00
My normal fees for mediation services per day R0.00

Contact Details

Cellphone Number 0845999399

Social Media

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Work / Business Info

Work Tel No 0128071875
Work Address 21 B Beuke Place
The Willows
City/Town Pretoria
Province Gauteng


Highest Education Level B Occupational Therapy (UP) (Bachelors)
Highest Education Level HAND THERAPY (Diploma)
Highest Education Level HAND THERAPY(Qualification Type Unknown)


  • Occupational Therapist
  • Case Manager

Additional Info ...

Fields of Interest Orthopaedic injuries / conditions
Upper limb injuries
Neurological conditions / injuries
Medical conditions / injuries
Psychological intervention (PGAP / DBT)
Short CV  
Founder and Managing therapist of Takkie Pistorius Occupational Therapist • Clinical Intervention of client’s with upper limb conditions (1997 – 2020). • Perform Functional Capacity Evaluations and Fitness to Work Evaluations with a range of physical and cognitive standardised tests and on-site work visits (2000 – 2020). • Vocational Rehabilitation as part of Return to Work facilitation after injury or illness (2009 – 2020). • Perform case management to coordinate healthcare services on behalf of the client, to assure that the recommended treatment plans are followed or medical care is provided (2017 – 2020). • Perform Fitness to Drive assessments for clients post-injury or after being diagnosed with a medical condition (2016 – 2020). • Medico-legal assessments (2001 – 2020). Disabiliy Awareness Training (2018 - 2019)

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