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SAMLA is an official not for profit company under the new Compamies Act 71 of 2008.


Click here for Memorandum of Incorporation  as accepted at the 2021 AGM.


SAMLA Transformation Policy


Applications for membership may be submitted to the secretary, by completion of the
attached SAMLA Membership Application Form below.

The Board of Directors invites persons, in any of the following disciplines, with relevant interest and/or experience in medico-legal matters, to apply for membership.

  • Medical or Legal Practitioners.
  • Academics in Medicine or Law.
  • Students in Medicine or Law.
  • Forensic Scientists.
  • Associated Health-Care proffesionals.
  • Professional employees in the Health or Legal Sector.
  • Mediators

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About Us

The SAMLA is an independent, neutral, educational and transparent organisation not for profit, funded by membership contributions, donations and funds generated through seminars.

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